Samuel Shapiro & Company, Inc., a 97-year old Baltimore-based logistics leader, recently announced that Margie Shapiro, President and CEO, and Randy Lott, CFO, have been named by the Baltimore Business Journal as a CEO/CFO Dream Team in the “Agile Private Company” category.

The CEO/CFO Dream Team awards highlight Baltimore executive teams that promote innovation and growth while demonstrating strong corporate leadership. Nominees were judged based on overall impact, including revenue growth, innovation, corporate philanthropy and overall leadership style, among other criteria. Award recipients were honored at the CEO/CFO Dream Team Breakfast event on July 20th in downtown Baltimore and were profiled in a special section of the Baltimore Business Journal on July 13th.

Shapiro and Lott have been working together for four years and have been responsible for a concerted push towards innovation and investment in human and technology resources at Shapiro, while remaining prudent in terms of fiscal responsibility. As a result, with increased revenue and cost constraints in place, 2010 and 2011 have been Shapiro’s most profitable in the last fifteen years. Under Shapiro and Lott’s leadership, the company has also strongly focused on product/service innovation and employee development. In 2011, Shapiro launched Infinity Logistics, a joint venture created in partnership among Shapiro and two other European companies to address the needs of US companies seeking regulatory expertise and control in the European Union. Concurrently, the company has made efforts in building and developing the next generation of the Shapiro family. As a result, the culture continues to grow stronger, with a balance of experience and new energy.

Shapiro and Lott noted that the foundation of this success is rooted in their mutual belief and understanding of the company’s core values. “Randy and I are aligned in terms of values and culture. It’s remarkably easy to work with somebody who has that kind of alignment,” says Shapiro. “I also greatly respect his knowledge and ability. Having that level of comfort and trust in somebody I work with so closely is critical for a successful relationship.”

“We complement each other,” notes Lott. “Margie has extensive industry experience and I bring a financial background that complements her expertise. We respect our areas of expertise, but we’re not afraid to challenge each other when we need to.”

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