Shapiro Hosts Supply Chain Innovation Seminar in Baltimore, MD

Samuel Shapiro & Company, Inc., a logistics provider founded in 1915, announces 2010 Seminar Series

Samuel Shapiro & Company, Inc. will be hosting a seminar on Thursday, August 12th, 2010, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., at the Sheraton Baltimore City Center in Baltimore, MD, titled “Supply Chain Innovation: Find the Missing Efficiencies in Your Business Model.” This halfday course will provide new insights into improving your logistics program by covering the latest in supply chain innovations.

This seminar will also offer creative, helpful, and practical ideas for complete supply chain efficiency. The seminar will discuss Supplier PO placement and negotiation, product sourcing and research, ocean and air market update, transportation options and cost analysis, supply chain security update, among many others.

Following the seminar, attendees are invited to join Shapiro for the annual Propeller Club Crab Feast. The Baltimore Crab Feast attracts over 4,000 people annually and is arguably the most popular industry event of the year. It draws participants from New York to Norfolk and beyond to enjoy all-you-can-eat steamed crabs and plentiful networking opportunities at Conrad Ruth’s Villa, a waterfront park on Middle River. The feast is a fundraiser for the Propeller Club, enabling the group to make significant contributions to various non-profit maritime organizations.

For more information regarding the seminar and Crab Feast, contact Brunella Reid by phone at 843-813-4499 or by email at or visit Shapiro online at

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