Shapiro, a supply chain logistics leader founded in 1915, debuts its new brand and launches a new website on the heels of its 98th anniversary.

Samuel Shapiro & Company, Inc., a supply chain logistics leader founded in 1915, reveals its new brand in a modern, interactive website, a few weeks before its 98th anniversary.

Shapiro’s rebranding exercise, which began late last year, aimed at creating a dynamic and interactive website platform that highlights the personality behind the brand. Keeping with its Baltimore roots, Shapiro selected a Baltimore-based marketing firm to assist with its efforts.  Shapiro received a new logo, website, print materials, and other branding elements to create a cohesive and modern look.  The website introduces enhancements in usability and new features, including industry whitepapers, a resource library, and a new blog (Shap Blog), among others.   The site’s content and language reflect the extensive knowledge, quirky humor and collective voice of the company and its employees. The company is not changing its legal name from Samuel Shapiro & Company, Inc.; the change to “Shapiro” is a simple application of customer feedback and a reflection of its modern approach to business.

The company’s new brand was primarily inspired by direct feedback from its customers and input from its employees.  Next on Shapiro’s agenda for this year is the upgrade of the Shapiro 360° suite of products, which provides its customers with flexible cargo tracking, reporting, and PO management tools.

Some customers know us as a serious and, admittedly, quirky group of people that pride ourselves in climbing mountains for them.  Others say that we are a company that is committed to the old-fashioned values of personalized customer service and integrity that were instilled in us by Samuel.  And others say that we embrace modern technology and innovative solutions with flexibility at its core,” said Margie Shapiro, Shapiro’s President and CEO.  “With our 100th year approaching, we felt it was time that our website and our logo reflect this evolution, and this very rare combination.”