TBB Global Logistics and Samuel Shapiro Forge Strategic Partnership

Third Generation Family-owned Businesses Commence Significant Relationship To Offer Customers Enhanced and More Diverse Services

Two third-generation, family-owned businesses with Baltimore beginnings, announce a new, strategic partnership that will provide customers of both companies access to enhanced and diverse U.S. and international logistics services. TBB Global Logistics is a 63-year-old, nationally-known, third-party supply chain management firm specializing in domestic and international transportation solutions with supply chain support services for small and medium-sized customers. Samuel Shapiro & Company has been providing Customs clearance, compliance, consulting and international and domestic transportation services to both large and small customers for 93 years.

The strategic partnership between these two industry leaders commences immediately with Shapiro assuming the Customs clearance responsibilities for TBB clients for which import transportation is coordinated by TBB’s International Operations Center in Baltimore.

“We feel strongly that the end result of our partnership with Samuel Shapiro offers our clients a Customs clearance solution that is among the country’s best,” said Samuel R. Polakoff, president of TBB Global Logistics. “Among the many benefits of the partnership, Shapiro’s clearance and compliance technology, as well as their number of experienced staff, will provide our clients with impressive technological capabilities as well as even faster Customs clearances that will, in the end, help small to medium- sized businesses reduce costs and boost their profits by increasing the velocity of their supply chains.”

TBB will continue to maintain its own Customs clearance license and its international operations and sales staff in Baltimore near the Baltimore- Washington International Airport. “This relationship affords TBB the opportunity to continue building the best global supply chain support service for our small and mid-sized clientele, including international transportation to or from any point in the world,” added Polakoff.

Later phases of the partnership will involve TBB providing domestic transportation and global supply chain support services to Shapiro customers. The two companies have also agreed to explore the potential for joint efforts to develop new web-based supply chain technology. Both companies maintain a long history of developing supply chain software with internal staff.

“We have long held TBB in high regard and are pleased to be able to offer our services and related technology to TBB’s clients,” said Margie Shapiro, president of Samuel Shapiro & Company. “We are looking forward to expanding the relationship to enable our customers the opportunity to work with TBB’s domestic transportation management services. We also anticipate that this partnership will strategically support existing Shapiro and TBB international service contacts, carrier agreements and supply chain products,” she added.

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