On May 19, 2011, Samuel Shapiro & Company, Inc., a 95-year old logistics leader, was presented with a prestigious award at the National Export Conference in Baltimore.

The conference was hosted by the Maryland Small Business Development Center (SBDC) – Central Region, a division managed by the University of Baltimore. The conference focused on removing the mystery of doing business overseas, in addition to providing access to current business opportunities that exportready companies could immediately pursue.

The conference was divided into two parts to address the different stages of the international commerce cycle. Part one consisted of several panels, including Compliance & Logistics, comprised of members of Customs and Border Protection, Maryland Port Administration, and many others. Shapiro’s Corporate Pricing Manager, Paul Yankelunas, sat on the panel and discussed the freight forwarder’s perspective on logistics and compliance best practices. “Exporting can be adventure full of unforeseen hazards that start out as
bumps in the road and can quickly turn into a meteor shower if an exporter is not prepared. This is where an experienced freight forwarder can be most useful to help you navigate through these obstacles,” noted Yankelunas. “A good freight forwarder will steer you in the right direction while keeping its export clients compliant within the legal limits of each destination.”

At the event, Dr. Darlene Smith, Dean of the Merrick School of Business at the University of Baltimore, presented Shapiro with an award for its support and role in helping to design new logistics course offerings for its international and global leadership programs. “The Merrick School was proud to recognize Samuel Shapiro & Company for their leadership in global trade and in higher education,” noted Dr. Smith. “While it is widely recognized that Shapiro is a leader in freight forwarding, we wanted to acknowledge their vision in developing the next generation of global leaders. Through their generous financial support and collaborative efforts, they are helping our students gain a strategic advantage by gaining insight into the import and export dimensions of international trade.”

As part of this joint effort, many of Shapiro’s senior professionals will contribute to course content and lectures in a variety of logistics-related subjects likely to include import/export law, business management, international economics and finance, among others. “We are pleased that they chose to celebrate their 95th anniversary by investing in Baltimore and the Merrick School of Business,” added Dr. Smith. “The company will be teaming up with University in many ways, including providing professionals to serve as guest lecturers throughout the school year.”

The National Export Conference drew over one hundred attendees this year and the SBDC – Central Region already has plans to host another conference in 2012. Their next event, the Export Training Assistance Partnership (ETAP) seminar series, will be held in Baltimore this August. For more information, please visit their website at www.centralmdsbdc.org.