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Transportation with Shapiro:
Efficient Solutions for an Ever-Changing World!

Our technology and expertise will propel your company, no matter your industry or the unexpected or chronic supply chain complexities you encounter. We provide a range of top-shelf services, including international freight forwarding, Customs brokerage, and compliance consulting covering ocean, air, domestic, and space rocket (!) shipping modes. We have worked hard for 109 years for and with businesses of all sizes across all major industries to ensure their supply chain is not only running smoothly but is fully optimized. This allows us to understand the unique challenges and requirements that your company will face at every step, along every link, of your supply chain journey.

We Deliver. Problem Solved.

Shapiro’s business begins and ends with you, the customer. That’s why our motto is “We Deliver. Problem Solved.” When you ship with Shapiro, your cargo gets where it needs to go on time, because that’s just how we operate each and every day. Period. We’re backed by over 100 years in the industry, so you know you’ll be getting a partner you can rely on—even in tough times.


Do you have a “turbulent” relationship with your current air shipments? Shapiro can help alleviate your altitude sickness with our robust and comprehensive range of solutions, covering everything from real-time shipment tracking to compliance consulting to classifcation advisory services. So, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the in-flight movie knowing that our experienced frieght attendants are waiting in the wings.

Domestic Freight

If your rail shipments are going off track or your road shipments have you feeling a little “semi“-sweet lately, Shapiro’s dedicated country-wide network of inland vendors can help steer your global and/or domestic supply chain back on course. Developed over our 100+ years in the business, these time-backed partnerships ensure that our customers receive a superb service experience, unparalleled transparency, and out-of-the-box creativity.

Ocean Freight

Are you feeling a little on the “stern” side with your ocean freight and looking to dock somewhere new? Shapiro knows that modern businesses require visibility, flexibility, and most of all, customized solutions. When partnering with us, you can rest assured that your shipments will be carefully monitored by a crew of dedicated, professional, and collaborative experts—allowing you to enjoy a smooth sailing experience (last pun, we promise!).

Shapiro 360° - Redefining the Logistics Experience

Shapiro 360° redefines the logistics experience by offering more than just basic track-and-trace capabilities—which have become as commonplace in the industry as iced water in a restaurant. It’s a technology tool carefully outfitted with a customizable suite of features designed to quench your data thirst. Imagine having complete flexibility and control over your shipment data, akin to choosing your preferred drink in any size, shape, or flavor. With Shapiro 360°, you’ll have access to 24/7 shipment reporting, customizable dashboards, and real-time shipment event notifications.

More Than a Freight Forwarder

We give customers the feel of their very own logistics department. We’re not just here to serve the A to B needs of moving freight but to learn about your supply chain and grow with you. Check out how below:

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