How will ACE affect AES Direct Portal for exporter?

Within the coming few months, the AESDirect Portal will go live in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). All exporters must have an ACE account to access the new AESDirect system, to be known as Refactored AESDirect. Accounts will not transition from the existing system. The existing system is to be referred to as the legacy system so as not to confuse exporters. Legacy applications will start to be phased out and closed in the beginning of 2016. Profiles and templates will need to be recreated in the new system and SCAC/IATA look-up will not be available. Both systems will be functioning during this transition period with the legacy program functionality to be incrementally phased out. Shipments filed in the legacy application will be available for retrieval in the refactored system, however, not in the reverse.

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