Maersk Booking System and Terminals Slowly Recovering

Though numerous Maersk systems remain offline as a result of Tuesday’s cyber-attack, the company is now accepting bookings from customers who utilize the INTTRA system. Bookings made on INTTRA are likely to take longer than normal to process, but the system is operational. Maersk’s e-mail and communication platforms remain offline, so customers needing to contact Maersk are still encouraged to do so by phone.

Damco, Maersk’s forwarding division, has also been affected by the cyber-attack. Maersk released an official statement that Damco, “has limited access to certain systems,” though they did not specify which particular systems are affected, nor the degree to which they are affected.

A majority of Maersk’s APM Terminals are now fully operational, though major hub terminals in Port Elizabeth, NJ and Rotterdam, NL remain offline today, Thursday, June 29th. As part of business continuity plans that were implemented in Port Elizabeth and Rotterdam, the JOC has reported that free time is being extended three days and containers are being routed to other terminals when possible. APM Terminals are urging customers to verify the status of their containers prior to dispatching any truckers. Available data has 78% of Maersk vessels currently running on schedule.  

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide you with updates as they become available.


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