Shapiro Represents NVOs, Applauds Federal Maritime Commission (FMC)

Shapiro, the 102-year-old leader in international logistics and Customs brokerage, welcomed 23 staffers of the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to their offices on May 18, 2017, as part of an FMC visit to the Baltimore port area. The FMC’s delegation was comprised

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Shapiro Caters to eCommerce and Traditional Shippers Alike

Shapiro, the 102-year-old Baltimore-based leader of international freight forwarding and regulatory compliance, has relaunched its web presence to better cater to both its audience of online sellers and the Company’s traditional, commercial importers and exporters.  With a reputation for its quirky spin

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Shapiro Centers of Excellence Aligns with CBP’s CEE

With the launch of Custom and Border Protection’s (CBP) new Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) centralized access window, the regulatory agency also established commodity specialists and developed commodity Centers of Excellence and Expertise (CEE). These entities have much more access to information—and are extraordinarily

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Happy Holidays from Hanjin

Barry Parker dissects one the most disruptive events ever to impact the intermodal supply chain. there is more pain to come, lessons to be learned – and corrections applied. By Barry Parker The Hanjin Shipping debacle, brewing over time and

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Shapiro Supports Educational Equality through Holiday Donation to Teach For America • Baltimore

Shapiro, a Baltimore headquartered 101-year- old Customhouse broker and freight forwarder, recently selected Teach For America – Baltimore as the recipient of its annual holiday charity program. Donations were made on behalf of each of its customers. Founded in 1990,

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