Due to the overwhelming congestion in the ports, truckers are struggling to get containers out with the free time allotted. Carriers are not cooperating; we are not seeing free time extended.  Some of the issues we are experiencing include:

  • Truckers are unable to return empty containers to the terminals where they were picked up, thus preventing dual moves to be made which reduces congestion at the ports.
  • Terminals are limiting – or shutting out – empty returns.
  • Chassis are denied at the terminal when empty returned, resulting in an extra chassis dray/expense.
  • Cargo is unable to be picked up timely from the pier, due to chassis shortages, congestion, or inability to obtain an appointment.

Please rest assured that Shapiro is doing everything possible for you to limit storage, detention, or per diem; however, please be prepared for situations (such as terminal restrictions) where these charges occur and the importer will be responsible.

Shapiro will continue to monitor this situation.