Examining the Issue (Part Deux): Customs Inspection Questions Answered!

NO!  WHY ME?! Just a few phrases you may use when a shipment gets pulled for a customs examination, or if you’ve been in this industry long enough, it’s more like a slew of curse words that you wouldn’t dare speak

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Weighing in on Container Load Limits

When shipping cargo in an ocean freight container, it’s certainly tempting to adopt the mindset that you’ve paid for the space in that box and, dammit, you’re going to use it!  We get it!  But alas, there’s more than that

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Margie Shapiro’s Annual Outlook 2016: The State of Logistics

JOC’s Annual Review and Outlook outlines the major challenges, opportunities and trends in the global transportation and logistics industry via reports from the editorial staff and insight from the industry’s top players. Major segments highlighted include maritime, trucking, rail and

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The Proof is in the Pudding: The Importance of Manifest Confidentiality

Imagine you are back in 4th grade and happen to be the pudding czar of the elementary school’s most lucrative snack trade (you know; pudding for just about anything – mostly lunch money – strawberry Gusher’s for Cheetos, those little

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Congress Finally Acts FAST on America’s Infrastructure

On Friday, December 4th, a decade-long congressional standoff on federal transportation funding came to an end with the signing of Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act by President Obama. The landmark legislation allocates $305 billion dollars to America’s multimodal transportation

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The Short and Long of the 2015 Sea Freight Market

Like many of you, I just saw The Big Short and was appropriately shocked and sickened by the greed, the fraud, the cynicism, and the strong feeling that history will simply repeat itself in the coming years. And, just to

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How Truckers Became an Endangered Species

“The cargo has been discharged, but we are still looking for an available a trucker.” No phrase is more petrifying for an importer who has already had to deal with the stress and interruptions of port strikes, chassis shortages, and

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2015 Holiday Peak Season Has Ocean Carriers Seeing Red

After a busy 2014 and first quarter of 2015, ocean carriers are having a very unhappy holiday peak season.  Poor bets on future economic growth, new infrastructure, increased vessel capacity, and importer inventory trends have created a shipping environment with

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3 Common Causes for Air Cargo Split Shipments

Have you tracked your air shipment and found that only 23 cartons of 100 arrived? Or, maybe you’ve heard this popular message from one of the larger air carriers, “your shipment has been split for more efficient transportation.” More efficient?

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Dredging the Confusion Surrounding the Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF)

Maintaining any form of infrastructure comes at a cost.  Developing and growing that infrastructure is equally costly.  Dredging isn’t free; nor is disposing of dredged materials properly. As importers into the United States, it is simply expected that the bill

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Cut the Ship!

From overweight surcharges, to ever-increasing regulatory enforcement with the launch of CBP’s new Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) platform, there is nowhere to hide once your treasure is taken hostage by supply chain pirates.

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