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Amazon Japan


If only exporting products for international fulfillment was as simple as hopping on an airplane. Unfortunately, it feels more like arguing in airport security about the size of your shampoo bottle and your carry-on bag.

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Amazon Japan Fulfillment Requirements

If you’re ready to expand into Japan’s growing ecommerce market, Shapiro can help? We’ve taken the liberty of highlighting three important requirements for shipping into FBA Japan.

ONE: Shapiro vs. Courier Services in Japan

If your cargo is at least a pallet (2 CBM) or 200 kilograms, Shapiro provides freight services that are typically lower in cost than traditional courier services. FBA sellers shipping less than our minimum handling size will find it more cost-effective to ship via a courier service, such as FedEx, DHL, or UPS.

TWO: Importer of Record Status

Amazon will not act as the Importer of Record for FBA Japan shipments.

Unlike other regions, Japanese Customs does not permit foreign entities to act as the Importer of Record (IOR). The IOR is the party responsible for the import of the goods to Japan and will be responsible for all the Customs duties and taxes.

To utilize Amazon FBA Japan, you will need to find a company/person that will act as your Importer of Record (Shapiro can assist), or you will need to appoint an Attorney for Customs Procedures, or ACP.

THREE: Pallet and Labeling Requirements

Amazon has very strict pallet and labeling requirements. Your shipper (or manufacturer) is responsible for palletizing and labeling the cargo to the mandated specifications.

Requirements change frequently, so please visit the following resources for FBA receiving: Fulfillment by Amazon Japan Shipping Requirements

Shipments that do not meet these three requirements may be refused by Amazon Fulfillment Centers, returned to the seller at the seller’s expense, or assessed for non-compliance fees.  Rejections are solely at the discretion of Amazon.

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