There is a famous cliché about the one thing that will never change is change itself.  This is comically true in the supply chain management business. We’re willing to bet that you and your business will encounter some or all of the following changes in the coming months:

  • Sourcing shifts by market
  • New regulations
  • Sourcing shifts by product
  • Cargo routing changes
  • Sourcing shifts by supplier
  • New distribution channels
  • Consolidation opportunities
  • Better transits, lower costs


David and Goliath

We realize that Shapiro works in a crowded field of providers, that many of them are better known than we, and that some of them can even afford to advertise during the Super Bowl. We’ll tell you a secret; we feel pretty confident that our slingshot is better targeted and better for you than Goliath’s muscle.

Unlike Goliath, we have a flexible model that gives us the agility to match your cargo and business requirements to experts by commodity, by market, by cargo mode, and by governmental compliance. Shapiro’s GlobalFlex™ Network of experts know that full, integrated visibility throughout your shipment’s lifecycle is what you require. Our powerful network of “Davids” can slay the ugliest of your supply chain problems in the following critical categories (among others):

  • Origin Consolidation
  • Exception Reporting
  • Deconsolidation
  • Vendor Management
  • Distribution
  • Carrier Management
  • Warehousing
  • Inspection Control/Release

All of our Global Cargo Services are delivered from our tailored technology platform.

Reach out to us for more information about any of our global cargo services, and let’s load your slingshot together.