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Cargo Shipping Services

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Cargo shipping is often described as “just getting stuff from Point A to Point B.” How hard can that be? Pretty darn hard! There are two major obstacles along that simple line between A and B: a. The competitive landscape requires that your costs are the lowest possible, and b. The modern supply chain is a puzzling jumble of potential routings (and mis-routings). You need to evaluate multiple modes from multiple ports while considering alliances, contracts, cargo security, transits, high-risk potentials…and costs for each step of any potential design. Frankly, it is a lot more like Point A to Point Z, with some side excursions. It’s complex!

That’s why you have Shapiro. We evaluate the whole puzzle for your freight forwarding and cargo shipping needs, and we help you piece together the best solution. Call on Shapiro. We deliver. Problem solved.

Cargo Shipping

Modern supply chain logistics requires a thorough review of all options from A to B to Z, but it also demands alternative and redundant backups for each segment in the chain. Oh, and the whole design must be able to scale as your business prospers and grows. Shapiro is fully committed to providing end-to-end visibility and metrics to allow you (and us) to monitor shipments while also evaluating processes. We manage by exception, but we track those exceptions to help you build the best scalable global supply chain designs.

It takes years of experience coupled with the best modern tools to proactively manage your cargo efficiently and effectively. Our dedicated professionals, the older salty dogs collaborating with the progressive tech kids, deliver the best flexible services with consistent on-time delivery performance.

Fair Cargo Shipping Rates & Pricing to Save You Money

We realize that fast transits and consistent deliveries mean very little when they cost you an arm and leg. You have a budget to beat and a list of competitors to…crush!

Shapiro arms you with the best balance of price and flexible solutions, and we do all the legwork once your cargo is in motion. You just focus on your core business.


Shapiro spends one-third or more of its annual investment budget ensuring you have the right technology. We design our platforms with in-house resources, and we believe very strongly in building flexibility into all we release. Our solutions should fit you, not the other way around.

Like us, our technology is consistent and available when you need it. What’s more, it provides superior visibility and reporting along your entire cargo process.

Insight and Analytics

The needs of your industry, your business, your customers, and your own personal brand of genius (come on, we know you are brilliant) are different for every person and enterprise. Through our business intelligence tools, we give you access to all of your own data (however you would like to see it) while using broader customer trends to help you navigate the ever-changing perils of the modern supply chain.

Global Alliances

Nobody runs a global supply chain without having highly competent feet on the street, boots on the ground, experts on the exports, and impresarios of imports. Shapiro matches your unique commodity and cargo design requirements to the best our global network of alliances has to offer. Our partnerships are decades old, and we operate on one technological platform.

We Work Hard to Satisfy Our Customers, So You Can Satisfy Yours

When you become a Shapiro customer, we work with you to fully understand your current processes and objectives. Then, we craft our solutions through technology applications and process designs to meet your business objectives. And we build it for scalability.

When problems occur, we don’t make excuses — we offer you full access to all levels of Shapiro management to make it right, so you can relax knowing your cargo and customers are in trustworthy, capable hands.

Our Cargo Shipping Services

  • Ocean FCL and LCL
  • Emerging Markets Logistics
  • Air Cargo
  • Foreign-to-Foreign
  • Cross-Border
  • Cargo Consolidation/Deconsolidation
  • Sea-Air and Air-Sea
  • Project Cargo
  • Charters
  • Door-Door Services
  • Logistics Design
  • Cargo Insurance
  • EDI Integration
  • Import Permit Tracking
  • Warehouse Withdrawal Portal
  • Integrated Customer Parts Database
  • Shipment Event Notifications
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Shipment and Entry Analysis Dashboards
  • ISF Filing Portal
  • Daily E-mailed Cargo Status Reports

If you’d like a quote from Shapiro or just want to learn more about what makes us better, contact us today.