Shapiro Announces University of Baltimore International Business Scholar Program

Samuel Shapiro & Company, Inc., a logistics provider founded in 1915, announces a new program with the University of Baltimore.

Samuel Shapiro & Company, Inc. recently announced we will be working with the University of Baltimore to develop a new International Business Scholar Program. The new program was first announced at Shapiro’s 95th Anniversary Gala in August by Robert Bogomolny, University of Baltimore President. While the full curriculum details are still under development, the goal of the program will be to promote and advance the logistics field, provide academic and financial support, and shape the next generation of supply chain industry leaders.

This two-year program will be available to sophomores based on academic achievement and a demonstrated interest in international business. Under this program, the selected student will be awarded both a stipend to support studies and a paid internship at Samuel Shapiro & Company, Inc. to provide the scholar with real-life business experience and resume building opportunity. Shapiro is also considering providing the student with a prospect to travel abroad to work for a time with one of the company’s foreign agents.

Shapiro will be working with an assigned advisor to define academic requirements and will provide scholastic support by making company professionals available to host class sessions. The program will include a multi-disciplinary approach with introductory classes in a variety of subjects likely to include import/export law, business management, international economics and finance, among others. It will also encourage the presentation of a Senior Honor thesis on a topic of interest to the student and the company under the advice of the academic advisor.

“This program supports one of our core values, which is positively contributing to our community,” said Margie Shapiro, Samuel Shapiro & Company, Inc. President and CEO. “There is no better way to do that than investing in education and ‘building the bench’ for the next generation in Baltimore, the roots of our company and my family.”

The International Business Scholar Program has been greatly supported by her parents, Sigmund and Barbara Shapiro, who have very strong ties to the City of Baltimore.

“The University of Baltimore looks forward to this collaboration with Samuel Shapiro & Company, Inc.,” noted Bogomolny. “This partnership will offer our students a strategic advantage by gaining insight into the import and export dimensions of international trade from the region’s leaders.”

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