Shapiro Named Supply Chain Partner of the Year by Floor & Décor Outlets

Samuel Shapiro & Company, Inc., a 95-year old logistics leader, recently announced it has been named Supply Chain Partner of the year for 2010 by one of its largest customers, Floor & Décor Outlets of America.

Floor & Décor was first launched in 2001 with a single outlet in Atlanta, Georgia, and is a leading retail provider of hard flooring products. The company now boasts more than two dozen retail locations in the United States. Floor & Décor began working with Shapiro in 2003 and, due to its rapid expansion and strong success, quickly became one of Shapiro’s top clients.

The second annual Supply Chain event took place in November in New Orleans with approximately 120 employees and partners in attendance. Margie Shapiro, Shapiro’s President and CEO, and Angela Czajkowski, Global Supply Chain Team Manager, represented Shapiro at the ceremony. “Shapiro is humbled by this award. We realized early on that we had to reevaluate our procedures in order to best service this account. The teams at Floor and Décor and Samuel Shapiro & Company collaborated intensively to accomplish this,” noted Shapiro. “This relationship has brought a clearer picture to us of true customer-forwarder partnership, and of serving as an ‘extension’ of a customer’s business.”

“It is no secret that Floor & Décor is in a highly competitive industry where every detail is crucial. We rely heavily on our suppliers to support and maintain our competitive advantage,” noted Ed Watson, Floor & Décor’s Logistics Manager. “Shapiro has been consistently exceeding our expectations in terms of service, commitment, and innovation for many years. We look forward to their contribution to our success for many more years to come.”

Floor & Décor is serviced by Shapiro’s Global Supply Chain Team with a dedicated staff whose sole responsibility is to manage the importer’s large international supply chain, including upstream PO management, international transportation, Customs clearance, and domestic delivery to each one of their twenty five stores.

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