On July 14th, President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order officially revoking preferential economic treatment for Hong Kong in response to mainland China’s enforcement of a controversial security law on July 1. In a White House statement, President Trump stated that Hong Kong will be treated “the same as mainland China, no special privileges, no special economic treatment and no export of sensitive technologies”.

Following Trump’s announcement, products in Hong Kong will be marked as ‘Made in China’, however exports from Hong Kong will NOT be subject to any Section 301 duties that may apply to the product.

We learned on July 23, 2020 that, according to a senior administration official, “the July 14, 2020 Executive Order on Hong Kong Normalization does not provide for new US tariffs on goods from Hong Kong. The Administration will continue to evaluate and adjust our policies as conditions warrant.”

Shapiro is actively monitoring the situation and will provide status updates as they become available