Ready to expand into Latin America? We’ve taken the liberty of highlighting important requirements for shipping into FBA Mexico.

Shapiro vs. Courier Services

If your cargo is at least a pallet (2 CBM) or 200 kilograms, Shapiro provides freight services that are typically lower in cost than traditional courier services. FBA sellers shipping less than our minimum handling size will find it more cost-effective to ship via a courier service, such as FedEx, DHL, or UPS.

Importer of Record Status

Amazon will not act as the Importer of Record for FBA Mexico shipments.

To import into Mexico, you will need to register as a Licensed Importer. If you are interested in obtaining a Mexican business license, you will need to hire a local legal expert or lawyer that specializes in these procedures. When an importer is not licensed, they must utilize the services of a trading company for a fee. For freight shipments Shapiro is handling, our team is able to assist you with the trading company service for the required RFC ID for shipping. Please note that is Shapiro is not handling your freight forwarding, we are not able to offer our trading company partner services.

Pallet and Labeling Requirements

Amazon has very strict pallet and labeling requirements! Your shipper (or manufacturer) is responsible for palletizing and labeling the cargo to the mandated specifications. These requirements can be found on your Amazon Seller Central.

Fulfillment by Amazon Mexico Shipping Requirements

Shipments that do not meet these requirements may be refused by Amazon Fulfillment Centers, returned to the seller at the seller’s expense, or assessed fees for non-compliance.  Rejections are solely at the discretion of Amazon.

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